Mission & Vision

Heart of Des Moines is a coalition of nonprofit consultants who believe relationship-based collaboration is the key to supporting the success of both local nonprofits and small businesses that serve the nonprofit sector. We also believe that collaborative nonprofit work can play an exciting role in the growth of Des Moines overall.


Our mission is to build a collaborative professional network with members from diverse sectors to support Des Moines-based nonprofit organizations while contributing to the growth of the larger community.

Our vision is for a nonprofit sector in Des Moines that is fundamentally collaborative instead of competitive, with a readily accessible coalition of professionals available to to provide trusted services to nonprofits of all sizes, so that organizations can thrive and overall community development benefits everyone.



We believe that nonprofits should approach their work with a more collaborative mindset than the corporate world. As nonprofits, our goal is to transform people’s lives in some specific way. We should view other nonprofits as partners who can help us achieve that goal more broadly, not as competitors for donors, dollars, and volunteers. If we band together and find creative ways of sharing resources, we will have a greater impact across our communities and be able to help the people that we serve achieve greater long-term success.

We are looking for new members. Whether you are a nonprofit leader or staff member, someone thinking about starting a nonprofit, a member of a local civic organization, a local government representative, or a private citizen, you can help impact nonprofit work in Des Moines!