Referral Network


Our membership-based organization is made up of highly experienced professional consultants who specialize in assisting nonprofits with a wide range of skilled services. Our coalition serves as a referral source for nonprofit organizations looking to round out their staffing with the services of reliable, professional consultants.


Our Consultants Referral Coalition is focused on:

  • building professional referral network(s) for nonprofit consultants; 

  • educating ourselves and others on best practices for nonprofit organizations; and

  • providing a resource for quality nonprofit professional services in the Des Moines metro.




While our coalition does not exist to provide free services, we are committed to offering a trusted resource for finding well-respected, knowledgeable consultants to support nonprofits in Des Moines and the surrounding area. In serving the nonprofit community as a group, our goal is to help ensure the funding that nonprofits invest for professional services is worthwhile.


As a non-competitive group, our members are enthusiastic about collaborating with other experts in the group to provide the right mix of services for a nonprofit’s current needs. We often refer our own clients to other members because we know they will provide quality services.


We believe we are stronger together, and by working collaboratively, we can make a positive difference for our clients, our own businesses, and our community.

Background & Membership

Heart of Des Moines was created in 2019 by a group of professionals who are passionate about the value of nonprofit work in our community. Although our coalition is relatively new, nearly all of our members have worked in the nonprofit and/or business sectors for 10 or more years. Each Heart of Des Moines member has been vetted by our Leadership Team to ensure they have successful experience providing consulting services for various nonprofit organizations and/or businesses.


Our members currently offer services in areas such as business and operations, fundraising and marketing. Please check out our members page to meet our members.



We are currently looking for new members to round out our Consultants Referral Network. If you are interested in joining the group, please email to connect with our Leadership Team. If you are interested in filling a position that is not currently open, please get in touch with us anyway. We are considering the possibility of growing into multiple referral groups and would be glad to put you on our waitlist!