In our initial stages as a smaller coalition, our goal is to expand organizational partnership across Des Moines in ways that benefit the entire community. While other collaborations exist between groups of nonprofits throughout the metro area, Heart of Des Moines is dedicated to connecting those existing collaborations and recruiting as many additional nonprofits as possible to ensure the widest range of participation and the greatest impact on nonprofit efficiency city-wide.


We recognize that it takes time to change the way that organizations work with each other. By coming together to share resources, and by supporting each other’s programming and fundraising, our goal is to illustrate how a collaborative model can be beneficial to all nonprofits in our community. We hope that our example will catalyze a shift in the overall mindset and approach to local philanthropy and nonprofit work.

We are looking for new members. Whether you are a nonprofit leader or staff member, someone thinking about starting a nonprofit, a member of a local civic organization, a local government representative, or a private citizen, you can help impact nonprofit work in Des Moines!